Term Insurance Cover Post Retirement –3 Things to Consider

The basic premise of a term policy is to offer comprehensive financial aid to your family, in case you are no longer there to provide for them. Therefore, it is advisable that you should purchase a term plan as early as possible during your lifetime. That said, however, does it make sense for you to buy term insurance if you are nearing retirement?

Term Insurance Cover Post Retirement –3 Things to Consider

Theoretically speaking, the later you buy the plan, the higher the premium amount you would have to pay. So, in all fairness, term insurance might not attract you much especially if you are in your late 40s or 50s. Also, age is a common deterrent when it comes to offering insurance cover, from the insurers’ perspective. However, there are circumstances where purchasing a term policy will make sense.

Therefore, you need to prudent as well as an alert when investing in a term insurance plan (irrespective of high premium). To help, here are some important considerations.

1. Affording Premium Payments after Retirement

Usually, the pension received upon retirement is sufficient to support you cover your necessary living expenses for each month. However, if your kids are financially dependent on you or you have unpaid debts and debts, you would have to effectively plan your finances so that the burden doesn’t fall on your family.

Assess the Extent of your Expenditures

It is vital for you to assess the extent on current expenses so that you can determine the future costs and handle your debt. To get the exact figure, you must first make a note of your housing costs, utility payments (like electricity, water and gas), transportation cost, food and clothing expenditure, and any other sundry expenses that you may incur after retiring.

Take Inflation into Account

Inflation is a crucial factor that will creep in with years and subsequently, raise the cost of living post-retirement. In accordance with the inflation rate, therefore, you must make sure to match your pension pay-out. Otherwise, you would not be able to meet expenses, let alone to pay the premium for your term policy.

2. Can You Pay Only till Retirement?

Ideally, individual in their 60s or nearing retirement would have no reason to buy or extend their life coverage. Financial advisors usually advise planning your investment portfolio in such a way that your term cover usually ends by retirement.

However, if you choose to work after retiring and there is an income to protect, then buying or extending the term-cover makes sense. Overall, you need to assess your financial needs and income protection goals before agreeing on a term plan beyond retirement.

Relief from Liabilities

Further, a post-retirement corpus of funds would also be beneficial for your family, relieving them of any financial burden to pay for any inherited debts or your funeral expenses. Buying a term insurance policy from reputableinsurer, therefore, would help you make sure that you have a respected and a proper send-off,after living a life of great wisdom. Also, insurers like Max Life Insurance offer tax and other benefits along with term insurance. Therefore, compare and check the benefits before buying your plan.

Put simply, if liquidity is your after-life goal, having a term plan would be the best way to help secure it.

3. Would You Need It?

For most individuals, buying term insurance at a ripe age, say post-retirement, is not an easy task. First, your age will deter your chances of finding the right term insurance plan. Second, even if you do manage to find one, you would have to undertake stringent medical tests to prove your fitness.

And third, term plan premiums skyrocket after you cross the 40-year age mark. So,you would have to think diligently before acting.

Scenario 1

Term insurance is crucial if your children are financially dependent on you. Nowadays, this is a typical scenario due to marrying late and having kids later in life. Thus, by the time you reach 60, your children are probably still studying.

Scenario 2

You want your spouse to be self-reliant. Therefore, in case you don’t have any source of income, except your pension, you would need term insurance to help your spouse be financially independent.

Scenario 3

Usually, significant financial liabilities such as home loans stretch till 30 to 40 years. Therefore, if you have a home loan or any other such pending financial debt, you need to make sure that your family doesn’t have to feel the brunt of your liabilities, should something untoward happens. The proceedings from the term plan would be helpful in paying off all outstanding debts on your behalf.

Be Smart, Retire Happy!

The times when working individuals accumulated wealth their whole lives, and then used the money to buy a house only at retirement, are long gone. Instead, people believe in living in the moment, enjoying life when the time is right. That said, people are also prudent when it comes to planning for their future, especially retirement and putting their money into smart investment plans.

Therefore, if you wish to make sure that you have a stress-free life beyond retirement and your spouse doesn’t have to be financially dependent on your children, you may have to think about buying or extending your term policy. The retirement age of 60 years, would,therefore, be too early to decide to discontinue your term plan.

How to Manage Your SME Loan and Where to Spend it in Your Business?

SME loans are an important source of funding for all startups and small business owners. They provide the initial source of capital which the small and medium business owners require to get their business plan working, or to scale their existing business plan.

A SME loan is specifically directed towards these businesses. They have a low interest repayment schedule, which spans over a comfortable repayment tenure. This allows the business owner to avoid being excessively financially burdened. Another important factor in SME loans is the ability to get finance without having to put up any sort of security as collateral.

There are a number of different financial institutions which provide a significant number of plans for business owners to select from. Each of these plans have their own characteristic repayment tenure, interest rates and other terms and conditions. Business owners should go through different plans thoroughly before selecting a plan that is best suited for their business.

Once a SME finance is undertaken, there are a number of ways in which the capital can be managed in running the business.

Reviewing of costs: running a business requires a number of day to day expenses. In order to properly manage the finances of a business, it is essential to keep a track of all the expenses that takes place. This helps the business owner in correctly allocating funds to different sectors depending on the requirement for funding.

Efficient accounting: another step to keep an accurate track of expenses is by making sure that the company accounts are kept in updated condition. This allows the owner to keep a track of all the expenses taking place, and to determine which areas need cutting back, and which areas need more investment.

Creating financial projections: creating target financial projections based on the estimated costs of running the company is a very important step. It allows the business owner to set a financial target for his business and lets him formulate a financial plan accordingly.

Efficient invoicing: in order to input all the expenses correctly into the company books, creating invoices for every expense can be a big help. Invoices help in keeping track of the expenses accurately, so that they can be incorporated into the company accounts efficiently.

Keeping track of loan repayments: after taking on SME loans India, the owners of small businesses should keep track of all the EMI payment dates. Regular repayments of the business loans makes sure that the company doesn’t face the additional burden of increasing interest amounts. It also ensures that the credit score of the business owner is healthy, which allows him to take on further loans in the future more easily.

Cautious expansion: before expanding money on expanding too fast, too soon, business owners should assess the financial capabilities of the business and create financial projections to see if an expansion is economically feasible. Only in those circumstances should they move forward with an expansion plan.

Keeping additional expenses to a minimum: almost all startups face a lot additional expenses to start off. These include taxes, legal fees, creating infrastructure to run the business etc. It is necessary to take smart steps when it comes to allocating funds for these expenses. One such example is renting of premises rather than outright buying a property. This makes sure that the company doesn’t face the financial burden of having to maintain a property from the very beginning.

The small and medium businesses are an important part of today’s economy. They drive the majority of sales across different markets, and create new job opportunities and put forward revolutionary ideas. It is therefore necessary that they get the correct source of funding for getting their business model started. A business loan help them in doing this. With the help of these loans, and careful management of finances, it is possible for all small businesses to flourish immediately.

Term Insurance- A step towards secured future

Rajeev was securing money for his new restaurant. He got married to Neha last year. Then they both invested their whole saving in the startup of Rajeev. They even took a loan from the bank. It was all going smoothly, slowly. Just then Rajeev met with a road accident and lost his life. Neha was all lost, with no economic support and security. Along with trauma of Rajeev’s death, she was in the burden of bank loan and no financial security. She had to take support from her old parents in order to get rid of the loan amount and she even sold the restaurant in the loss. Instead of being strong and facing the situation of loss with Rajeev’s family, she was feeling like a burden on the head of them.

This is not a rare story, but it can happen to anyone. Character and plot may change but, the loss that is caused due to the untimely death of the earning head of family cause trauma financial, mental and socially. If Rajeev was not short-sighted and he behaved in an aware manner, Neha might have avoided this entire crisis. The solution is life insurance.

There are various insurance policies in the market and one of the most important insurance is the Life insurance policy. Life Insurance in India is emerging as most popular insurance among the masses. It is basically a contract which is signed between a person and insurance company, wherein the insurer promises to pay a fixed sum of money (sum assured) to the family or nominee in case of the insured’s death. The insured person has to pay a certain amount to the insurer as premium towards maintaining the life insurance policy. The primary purpose of a life insurance policy is to protect the financial interests of the insured’s family in his or her absence. While looking for life insurance, policyholder needs to be aware of basics terms. There are basically three aspects of life insurance that a person should know:

Premium – A person is liable to get the cover, only if he/she accepts to pay a fixed amount towards the policy. Such amount of money is popular by the name of premium. A person can take it as an initial investment that offers the required financial assistance in return.

Death Benefit/Sum Assured – It is the sum of the amount that the insurer promises to pay to the nominee/beneficiary of the insured after his/her demise. It varies according to the different number of parameters.

Term/tenure – An insurance plan offers the required protection for a fixed tenure. It could vary according to the type of chosen policy.

In India, there are different forms of life insurance policies. Insurance companies of the market offer a wide range of products that can be categorized into six broad forms such as:-

  1. Term Insurance Plans – Term insurance plans refer to be the purest and effective form of life insurance policy. Under the same, the insured is covered for a fixed time period. In term insurance plan the nominee/beneficiary as stated in the policy document will get the required financial assistance in case of the insured’s demise. It helps your family to deal with financial trauma in case of your death. A persona should definitely invest in the same to secure the future of the family in case of his/her death.
  2. Unit Linked Insurance Policies (ULIPs) – If a person is looking for a plan that can offer the required cover along with good returns then he/she must invest in a life insurance policy. Such products are market-linked products like bonds, mutual funds, stocks, etc. A certain amount of risk is there with ULIPs.
  3. Endowment Policies – Such policies are not limited to life cover, but it also offers the saving component that you can use to cater to other future needs. It serves a dual purpose. Because of such effective features, the premium of this plan is comparatively high.
  4. Whole Life Policies – It is an effective form of insurance plans that also provides the benefit of investment plans. Under the same, a death benefit is offered to the nominee in case of demise of the insured. A few insurance companies carry an age limit
  5. Pension Plans – Pension plans are also popular by the name of a retirement plan or annuity plan. You can invest in the same to secure your retired life. They are basically single premium policies that offer huge benefits.

Out of all the available life insurance policies, an invest in term insurance is a must thing. It will provide the needful financial support to your family in case of your demise so that they can easily deal with the financial and mental trauma.

One should choose an effective term insurance plan so that he/she can be ready to face the unpredictability of life which can cause irreversible damage to your loved ones.

A good term insurance plan not only minimizes the financial burden on the head of the policyholder but also help the near and dear ones. With a good life insurance plan, not only you will live a stress-free life but you will be tension free for the well being of your family in your absence.

Why Is Demat Account by Angel Broking the right option for you

Stocks and share market investments are often dubbed as the ones with high volatility with prices scaling up and down every now and then. I could say that my entry into the world of share market investment was just like any other investor, but I guess that would be nothing but watering it down. Skepticism is something that ailed me from day 1 when I started investing in this sector, and I kid you not, I lost a good load of money. The reason you ask? Well, it’s nothing but sheer overconfidence and lack of practice that drove me haywire when it came to investments in the share market.

But before we get to the part about how I scaled from “Jack fell down and broke his crown” to “The mighty eagle flying high”, let’s understand what the demat account actually is.

Demat Account

Before the boom of technology, share and stocks were traded and existed in papers. Today, the shares are kept electronically in the dematerialized form which is deemed as DEMAT Account. It efficiently allows the buyers to purchase, transact, or sell conveniently with no need for paperwork.

Now, what happened is, I entered the trading sector after a friend suggested me to opt for the same. What I didn’t know is the fact that trading isn’t as easy as “A B C”. You need good knowledge and practice in the sector to do well. You need a brokerage firm that helps you with critical requirements.
After a lot of zooming in and out, I finally landed across the Demat Account provided by Angel Broking. Well, everything didn’t become rosy red instantaneously, but yes, there was a scalable progress when Angel Broking entered to help me out.

How does Angel Broking Demat Account help you?

Not only did I notice major improvements in my trading practices with Angel Broking’s Demat Account, but I also experienced a profitable achievement with less risk.

Why Is Demat Account by Angel Broking the right option for you

With the Demat Account by Angel Broking, I experienced the following changes:

  • It is a rather secure way to track the shares in a convenient manner
  • Offers quick settlement
  • You participate in an effort to save the environment with minimal paperwork with everything saved in an electronic form
  • You save a lot of time
  • No loss of data or documents with everything stored electronically. No one can steal, forge, or damage the share related documents
  • Single trading platform for all which includes gold ETFs, commodity futures, and equity

Features you get with Angel Broking Demat Account

Angel Broking isn’t big talks and nothing to show, rather, the company proves its efficiency with the features and services it pairs with the Demat Account.

  • Easy Transfer of Shares:

The investors can easily transfer all their holdings via DIS which is the Delivery Instruction Slip or via RIS (Receipt Instruction Slip) provided to the investor for purchase or sale of shares.

  • Accelerated Securities Dematerialization/Rematerialization:

The users with a Demat account can dispatch instructions to the DP or Depository Participant for conversion of the physical certificates as electronic forms. This is also true for the alternative conversion from electronic to physical one.

  • Loan Facilitation:

Multiple lenders provide significant loan amounts against the securities that are held within the borrower’s Demat Account. It serves as collateral for loans.

  • Freezing Option:

Demat Account holders can easily freeze their account on a temporary basis to avoid any unexpected credit or debit.

  • Multiple options for Access:

Given the fact that Demat accounts are present in electronic version, it is easy for the users to access the same from multiple modes.

How do coupon websites work?

Coupon websites, in simple terms, are online advertising websites that use the technique of direct marketing in order to facilitate group-purchase deals. They tend to develop a massive customer database through collection of names, location, and contact details of every person who purchases any item from them.

How do coupon websites work

Here is how the coupon websites function.

1. Offer Advertised

The coupon catering process starts when a website launches the new offer for a business. Offers like these are generally meant for heavily discounted items, events, or services. These offers appear on the site and also emailed on a direct basis to the subscribers via daily newsletter highlighting offers in the local area. Some of the coupon sites tend to promote deals for the coupons via other channels like social media or TV advertisements. If any subscriber likes the offer, they eventually click over the button which takes the buyers to the ad or coupon website. These ads provide information like the coupon cost, saving & discount size, and offer expiry date.

2. Coupons Purchased

Customers can essentially click the “Buy Now” button in order to purchase a coupon immediately. The customers can use their debit/credit card in order to pay the coupon cost to the site. The website also sets the minimum number for customers that need to purchase the coupon before activation of the deal. If enough customers do not purchase the coupon, it tends to lapse. The ones that went via “Buy Now” process will not get billed. After the total number of set customers is fulfilled, the website confirms that the coupon/ Promo code is “On” to be redeemed.

3. Word-Of-Mouth

If a customer likes the deal he got, he will most likely promote the same using their own set of networks like posting about the same on social media or pitching it to a friend. Each of these coupon ads comes with the button that allows the users, a chance to share this ad via social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, or via email. Most of these sites also give credit vouchers or incentives to the customers that sign up their friends to the website.

4. Coupons Redeemed

Customers usually receive the coupons via email which can be redeemed at the website of participating business. The businesses use uniquely encrypted coupon numbers in order to track each coupon that is redeemed. This is usually with aid brought along via tracking tools that are provided by websites. The coupons generally are inclusive of factors such as expiry date, number of times it can be used, or maximum coupons per user.

5. Business Shares

The website associated with a business keeps a particular share of each coupon’s value ranging anywhere amidst 20 percent to 60 percent. Websites pay businesses an agreed share of each coupon that is purchased while many other pay the share for each voucher redeemed.

Each coupon website comes with its own set of ideologies to function as a success in the ever-changing market. So the most important thing is setting up a good business plan while dealing with a coupon website to extract better revenue or ROI. So now that you know everything about coupon websites, you can access incredible deals with IndiaShoppers that brings you a full range of coupon codes and amazingly exclusive offers.

Top 5 Electrical Business Ideas in India

Indians and their need for energy consumption have been increasing with the pacing speed of progress in the country. Investing in the domain of electrical business in India can bring back a plethora of benefits along with staggering profit if you play the cards right. As a fresher starting a business, you can opt for the user-friendly B2B network platform, i.e. E-electricity. It is a professional platform that helps an energy entrepreneur locating reliable business contacts and credible information. Electrical tenders can help you establish your foot in the business domain.

Now that you know how to start with a business development protocol in the electricity domain, here are some of the popular genres you can invest in.

1. Electrical Tools and Accessories

Things such as socket plugs and switches are used both at workplace and home. Investing your assets in a business idea that manufactures these daily requirements can bring in a good chunk of profit. Electrical tools and accessory manufacturers never run out of business given the fact that these tools are a part of everyday life and are always in constant demand.

2. Renewable Energy

With non-renewable energy resources such as coal depleting day-by-day from over-consumption, people are now looking for alternatives. Renewable energy forms such as solar energy act as the new investment sector providing rising profit scenario. More and more Indians are investing in solar energy as opposed to the generic energy form. So, if you are someone looking for easy profit while saving the environment, nothing can be better than a business in renewable energy.

3. Battery Production

If you are a bit short on budget and need to make a good profit from investing in the electrical domain, you could easily bag a good profit from battery production. The manufacturing process of the same doesn’t require you to have a complex manufacturing unit. You can easily start the production is a spare room itself. However, you need to put up the dictates laid down by Pollution Control Board into consideration.

4. LED Light Production

LED is the short form of Light Emitting Diode. With time, LED lights have rapidly replaced the traditional bulbs given the fact that they save a lot on energy bills. Available in various colors ranging from yellow to ultra white, these lights can help you make a successful business entrepreneur. However, production of LED light requires business operation with large-scale factory but the profit is equally fulfilling. So, if you have the resources and capital, make sure LED light production is your first choice.

5. Electronic Recycling

We are all aware of the electronic wastes that have been piling up at an alarming rate. Electronic items such as TVs, mobile phones, computers, fax machines, etc gets manufactured at a fast rate and the old ones are thrown away. Electronic recycling is a massive market that can easily bring you good profit when invested in a strategic manner.

The Indian electrical & electronics sector is flourishing rapidly and its time you bang the hammer on this diversified sector to attain good profits. So whether you plan to be a dealer or manufacturer, make sure you enter the domain with proper planning to avoid any unplanned losses.

How to Choose the best Office Space

The selection of right office space can make a massive difference to both businesses and to your team.

A perfect location can affect the day to day operations and the brand image of your business. We’ve listed a few factors that play a vital role when choosing the best furnished office space in Bangalore suitable for your business.

It is said that five or ten years are considered long enough to be fixated with the same location and under the same terms.

Why may you ask to relocate to a new place? Just because the markets fluctuate, employees grow and latest technologies arise.

  1. Location

A lot depends on the location you choose to operate your business in. Basically, location is the most critical factor to consider when out looking for office space for rent in Bangalore. Businesses that are successful are primarily because they choose a location that is close to their clients.

You need to choose a location that is accessible to both clients and your staff; an office next to public transportation is considered to be great. You and your team will find it easier to commute to work if your office is located close to public transportation.

There are two questions that you need to ask yourself:

  • Will the clients be able to reach my office without any hassle?
  • Can my staff reach office without any difficulty?

Also, take into consideration that your office has to be located centrally such that there are a few restaurants and hotels nearby. For clients or staff that arrive from outside the city will find it convenient to settle down close to the workplace.

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  1. Price

Price is another critical factor to consider when planning to switch to a newer location. If you want to spend little amount on, you will end up with an office that you are neither comfortable or happy with. Not selecting the right place can make you decide moving out of the place within months.

If you consider to go with a place that is costly, you might end up paying too much for the rent or think about downsizing.

Ask yourself these questions before settling for the right office:

  1. Can I afford to pay the rent deposits for on the office?
  2. Does this space carry any hidden costs like maintenance, cost of parking, etc.
  1. The right building

The next factor to consider is choosing the right building for your office. The decision of selecting the proper building can impact your business considerably. Before settling for one space, you need to figure out the amount of space that is required for your business to operate in. If you have plans for expanding your business, to what extent is the expansion is going to be.

Carefully monitor the place you are about to buy, as moving from one location to another is a tedious process.

  1. Size of the space

A thought that might have come to your mind as well, the size of the space. Typically, the recommended area per person is 70 square feet. In case, your employees demand a larger space or some extra storage; you have to up the number of the size.

You will also have to decide on the size of the space where employees and clients are comfortable to have lunch. A cramped or congested area reduces productivity in the workplace.

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The local taxes that are levied on commercial space owners or tenants are based either on the size of the business or a where it is situated.

Having a budget is very much important; a wise move is to look around and compare the prices and eliminate those before selecting the right property.

When you are selecting the right building, see for that you have the right set of amenities that are offered by the building. To ensure there is a smooth functioning of the business, you need to figure out the efficient the building management is before settling one.

Once you find the management of the building more comfortable to work with, you no longer have to worry about the thing that is not related to work.

If you have better ideas or solution to finding a perfect office space, then write to us in the comments section below.

Features of Best 5 Best SBI Credit Cards

State Bank of India (SBI) is arguably one of the most popular banks of India, and rightly so. When it comes to offering the utmost convenience to its customers and ensuring that they get a wide range of alternatives, SBI leaves no stone unturned. And the bank extends this feature to its Credit Cards as well.

If you have been looking for the Best Credit Card, then you have landed at the right place because we have collated a list of 5 of the Best SBI Credit Cards.

1) SBI SimplySAVE Visa & Master Credit Card

This card is perfect if you want to reap the benefits of a Credit Card while paying a highly affordable annual fee. Specially designed to serve salaried individuals, the SBI SimplySAVE Card offers benefits pertaining to utility bills, shopping, travel, and other lifestyle related expenses.  Here are some of the most imperative features of this card:

Annual Fee – 499

Welcome Gift – 2,000 Reward Points for the first 2,000 spent within 2 months from the date of receiving the card.

Reward Points –

  • 10 points for every Rs. 100 spent on groceries, dining, and movies.
  • 1 point for every Rs. 100 spent on other payments.

Interest-Free Period – 20-25 days

Annual Percentage Rate –2%

Additional Benefits – Fuel surcharge waiver of 2.5% on every transaction between Rs. 500 and Rs. 3,000.

2) SBI SimplyCLICK Visa & Master Credit Card

This card has been specially put on offer for the consumers who largely depend on online transactions, whether it comes to shopping online or booking the movie tickets, amongst other lifestyle expenses. Yet another card that is being offered at a fairly reasonable price, the SBI SimplyCLICK Visa & Master Card offers multiple benefits. Some of the aspects of this card that you must know are:

Annual Fee – 499

Welcome Gift – A voucher worth Rs. 500 from Amazon

Reward Points – 10 points for all online spends via exclusive partners, including Amazon, BookMyShow, Cleartrip, FoodPanda, Lenskart, as well as OLA and ZoomCar.

Additional Benefits –

  • Opportunity to earn as much as 5x Reward Points on shopping online.
  • Fuel surcharge waiver of 2.5%, on every transaction between Rs. 500 and Rs. 3,000.
  • On annual online spend of Rs. 1 Lakh and that of Rs. 2 lakh, an e-voucher worth Rs. 2,000 each.
  • Fee reversal for the coming year if the annual spend exceeds Rs. 1 Lakh in a year.

3) SBI ELITE Visa & Master Credit Card

As the name suggests, this card is designed for customers who spend heavily on lifestyle. Given the fact that this card offers some exemplary benefits, it attracts a slightly high annual fee. Here’s all that you need to know about the SBI ELITE Visa & Master Card!

Recurring Annual Fee – 4,999

Welcome Gift – Gifts worth Rs. 5,000 from partner brands including Yatra, Shoppers Stop,Marks& Spencer, Pantaloons,Bata, and Hush Puppies.

Reward Points –

  • 10 reward points against every Rs. 100 spent on groceries, departmental stores, movies, and dining.
  • 2 reward points against the spending of every Rs. 100 on retail products and services.
  • On annual online spend of Rs. 3 Lakhs, 10,000 bonus reward points.
  • 15,000 bonus reward points each, on annual spends of Rs. 5 Lakhs and 8 Lakhs.

Additional Benefits –

  • Overall annual benefits worth Rs. 30,000.
  • Movie tickets worth Rs. 500 for 2, from BookMyShow, every month.
  • Complimentary membership for Trident Privilege Red Tier as well as Priority Pass Program, along with that for Club Vistara.
  • Insurance Cover of Rs. 1 Crore against air accidents.
  • As many as 8 complimentary visits to domestic airport lounges, across India.
  • As many as 6 complimentary visits to international airport lounges, across the globe.
  • Waiver of fuel surcharge of 1%, on every transaction between Rs. 500 and Rs. 4,000, with a cap of Rs. 250 per billing cycle.

4) IRCTC SBI Platinum Credit Card

Ideally suited for those with a penchant for traveling by trains, this card offers ample benefits as well as privileges to compensate for its meagre annual fee. This card can also be used to book any one of the 5,000 hotels across 350 cities in India, listed on IRCTC.

Annual Fee – 500

Renewal Fee – 300

Welcome Gift –Complimentary membership of ShubhYatra as well as 100% value pack for Railways Points for AC ticket.

Reward Points –

  • 10 reward points against every Rs. 100 spent on groceries, departmental stores, movies, and dining.
  • 2 reward points against the spending of every Rs. 100 on retail products and services.
  • On annual online spend of Rs. 3 Lakhs and that of Rs. 3 Lakhs, 10,000 bonus reward points each.
  • 15,000 bonus rewardpoints each, on annual spends of Rs. 5 Lakhs and 8 Lakhs.

Additional Benefits – A cash advance limit of up to Rs. 15,000 in case of platinum cards, or up to 80% of the credit limit for regular cards.

5) SBI Prime Credit Card

Priced a little lower than the ELITE Visa & Master Card, SBI Prime Credit Card offers a similar array of benefits, thus catering to consumers with moderate to high spending habits. Some of the distinct features of this card include:

Recurring Annual Fee – 2,999

Reward Points –

  • 20 reward points for every Rs. 100 spent towards payment of utility bills.
  • 20 reward points for every Rs. 100 spent on the cardholder’s birthday.
  • 15 reward points for every Rs. 100 spend at brand brands, especially Reliance Outlets.

Additional Benefits –

  • Complimentary membership for Trident Privilege Red Tier as well as Priority Pass Program, along with that for Club Vistara.
  • Insurance Cover of Rs. 50 Lakhs against air accidents.
  • 8 complimentary visits to domestic airport lounges, across India.
  • 4 complimentary visits to international airport lounges, across the globe.
  • Waiver of fuel surcharge of 1%, on every transaction between Rs. 500 and Rs. 4,000, with a cap of Rs. 250 per billing cycle.
  • On annual spend of Rs. 5 Lakhs and above, an e-gift voucher from Pantaloons, or Yatra.com worth Rs. 7,000.

Now that you are well-informed of all the features of the leading SBI Credit Cards, Compare Top Banks Credit Cards & pick any one that suits your needs, as well as your spending behaviour. For what it’s worth, the benefits offered by the card, will often far exceed the annual fee you pay for it!

To apply online for Credit Cards, Secured Loans and Unsecured Loans, visit www.mymoneymantra.com, the leading online lending marketplace that offers financial products from 70+ Banks and NBFCs. We have served 2 million+ happy customers since 1989.

Talk to our Loan Specialists toll-free at 1800 103 4004 to know more about our products and offers.

How to choose the right car cover?

Purchasing a car can be long term investment which requires careful planning and ample effort for protection of your asset. Protecting the care from any kind of damage is essential, given the fact that handling any damage can be a costly affair. This is especially true when you lack a garage that could have protected your precious car from harsh weather or external damage. Car covers can be an excellent object that can protect your car even when you have a garage.

Here are some of the things that can help you choose the perfect car cover.

1-Determine the protection you need:

Before you go ahead and buy a Kia optima auto cover, make sure you determine the requirement. If you do not own a garage, your car is susceptible to bigger threats. Outdoor car covers can help you protect the vehicle from dents, breakage of the windshield, or dust storms. Winds have been known to cause a substantial damage to the car by blowing things in which includes tree branches, dust, children’s toys, or even big objects if the wind is fast enough. In cases like these, you need to opt for a car cover that is sturdier and lasts long.

2-Indoor Covers or Outdoor Covers:

You might assume that having your car parked inside the garage doesn’t require a car cover but that is far from truth. Even when kept indoor, your car is susceptible to moisture, bugs, rodents, etc. Additionally, people visiting the garage can accidentally scratch it or bump into it leading to a hefty financial invest to correct the same. Indoor covers generally tend to be lighter than the ones required outdoor. You can either opt for the cover that fits tightly with the car or you can opt for the ones that fit lightly over the car in order to protect any kind of condensation from being trapped inside. Additionally, car covers can also protect your newly painted car especially the ones that are resistant to mildew or rotting.

3-Style and Material:

Now, no one says that your car cover needs to be all boring and plain looking. You can opt for a stylish cover with beautiful bright colors. The second thing that matters a lot when opting for a car cover is the material that you opt for. It needs to be perfect for the climate your area is prone to. If your car is being placed in an area with bright light and heat, make sure you opt for covers that are breathable as well as UV resistant. You wouldn’t want the heat to build up inside the car. On the other hand, if you live in an area susceptible to rain and storms, you need something that can easily withstand water pouring down on it.

4-Measure your vehicle size:

This is probably the most important thing that you need to remember before you plan to bring home your perfect car cover. You wouldn’t want to invest your hard earned money in something that won’t even fit. So make sure you measure the size of your vehicle, especially if you are planning on purchasing the cover online.

Mistakes usually made by new crypto traders

Crypto trading is usually just the same as stock market. However, there are just a few differences that one can be able to point out between the two. For instance. The volatility when it comes to cryptocurrency is way high and runs throughout the day.

With crypto trading, you don’t have to worry about the closing hours of the market. As said before, this runs all day thus you can be able to trade at any time of the day. Anyway, with the cost of living going up, people won’t hesitate to find other ways in which they can make ends meet and joining the crypto trading world can provide a way out.

However, even by using greatly designed trading bots like the Bitcoin Code software, people still make mistakes during their early days in trading and that’s what the article will be discussing today.

Since, everyone is always born without any knowledge of something, it is only natural that you are bound to make a couple of mistakes during your first days dealing with something new. For that reason therefore, let us look at some of the mistakes the people always make when starting out on crypto trading.

  1. Failing to do your own research

You know you will be using your own money, right? Which of course you are not getting any easily. You will be putting yourself at risk if you don’t know or understand the value of the product or even the product itself.

This will force you to depend on someone to help you make your trading decisions. Doing your own research will enable you to know more about the product and what’s happening in the market, making you to be able to make rich decisions depending on the information you have gathered.

Continuous dependency on people is quite dangerous and can lead to you, losing your investments.

  1. Mining with huge expectations

Well, those who were first to mine Bitcoin and other cryptos are definitely rich by now, good for them. But this should not tempt you to also start mining.

You can, since it one of the ways you can acquire them, but it is not worth it. First, you will need to buy your own mining machine and also pay for the power that you will be using which in this case is way too much.

Again, if you get to do all of these without no proper research on how to go about it, you will be putting yourself in a big trouble.

  1. Patience

I don’t think whoever came up with the phrase “patience is a virtue” was wrong and it is something that most people don’t have.

It is quite unfortunate that people nowadays are looking for ways in which they can get some quick money. Well, if you are this kind of guy, then perhaps the crypto world has no place for you.

Whether you are aiming for the short term or the long term profits, you need to have a plan and make sure you stick by it. For you to pull this off, you are definitely going to need some patience.

  1. Failing to hold their private keys

This is one of the biggest mistakes that a lot of people always make as beginners to the crypto trading business.

If you don’t have any idea of what a private key is, or even if you don’t have a clue regarding the type of crypto wallets that you should be using, you can click here to learn more on that.

Anyway, most traders have lost a lot of money simply because of a compromised exchange or due to a wallet service crushing. This is why it is important to always hold your private keys.

  1. Finding communities

If you are new to something, it is only natural that you would welcome any help you might get, especially if you are dealing with something a bit technical like the cryptos.

Anyway, if you are just starting out with cryptocurrency, some of the best places to find information, are the online communities. These communities are always available to help people with different issues concerning the crypto market.

All you need to do is join and participate actively before you start asking your own questions.

  1. Confusion with the crypto wallets

This is something that mostly occurs when a trader is in a hurry to make transactions. A lot of crypto traders have lost a lot of money due to this technical mistake that can simply be avoided.

You need to be extra keen when doing transactions. This means double-checking the other wallet where you are supposed to be sending your funds to. Proceed with the transaction if the wallet matches the token.

Don’t lose your crypto just because of a simple mistake that can easily be avoided, do not send ETH to a BTC wallet or the reverse. Always make sure you use the correct wallet.

  1. Failing to keep hard copies

Hard copies for who? I get it. Technology has since been improved and there are other ways to store data but not just hard copies. Well, in the crypto world, everything else counts as you never know what could happen the next minute.

All am saying is, it is very much important if you could just find somewhere and write down your important information including the passwords and your private keys, print them out and safely keep them.

This will help you a lot for when your computer crushes, gets compromised or even stolen, you can still be able to restore all your crypto on a new device.

  1. Using the 2 factor authentication

A lot of instances will arise where you will be forced to make necessary exchanges. But, this still is not enough reason for you not to use the 2 factor authentication if you can.

You can then save your restoration code safely somewhere offline. If you forget to save the restoration code, you will be forced to contact the customer care, which in some cases, you will not be so lucky to find.

So if you are going to use the 2 factor authentication, make sure you also remember to save the restoration code some place where you can easily find it.

  1. Fear of missing out (FOMO)

You remember that one time back in college or high school when your friends were rushing to do something just because most people are doing it? Well, this is just how FOMO works.

It leads you in to making haste decisions because you have fear that you are going to miss out. You shouldn’t let this get into you and you also need to realize that other opportunities are there eachand every day in the crypto market.

With just enough research you are just going to be fine.


These are just some mistakes that new traders often make as they struggle tofind their way around the crypto market. If you want to be on the same side, please do avoid the. I’m sure you’ve also noticed the emphasis made on how much you should do and depend on your own research. This could really help you out.

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