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4 Trends in Corporate Gifting in Bangalore

How many times have you stressed out to find out the best gift in Bangalore for your employees for the gifting occasions happening throughout the year? This is perhaps the beauty of gifting.

4 Trends in Corporate Gifting in Bangalore

In this article, we discuss some of the trends in corporate gifting in Bangalore, but before that here is the list of outdated trends of finding a gift:

  • Going to a mall and spending hours finding the right gift
  • Picking something random at the last minute
  • Disappointing employees with some lame gift
  • Gift Cards and Vouchers

1. Personalized

Personalized gifts are the best gift you can give to your employees. And as per a recent survey, respondents prefer customized gifts as the person giving them puts in a lot of thought into the gift, making them feel more special. There are over a hundred products to choose from, and you will find more to customize gifts, therefore having a gift for everyone.

A customized or a personalized gift lets you add your own style, design and also choose the type of gift.

Try not to think a lot when gifting your employees a personalized gift, the most popular ways of customizing are merely inserting the person’s initials, name or nickname.

A perfect example of personalized gifting is the monogramming of a shirt which tends to have more effect than you can imagine.

Some of the common personalized accessories are mugs, frames, beer or wine glasses.

Look for customized corporate gifts Bangalore, to help you out with best gifts options.

2. Sustainable

In this day and age, people tend to seek more eco-friendly gifts. As of now, green gifts seem to have an excellent reputation for being too clever and unique. Green gifts help lower the carbon footprint and also encourage others to implement these ideas of gifting.

More eco friendly gifts

However sustainable gifts are often considered to be pricey and are quite hard to find, but we can also not say much about if your employees might like the idea of green gifting.

Here are a few ideas for sustainable gifting

  • Organic Cotton Produce Bags or Fabric Shopping Bags
  • Eco-friendly Journals and Notebooks
  • Stainless steel containers

3. Gifting Experiences

Gifts and gestures have the tendency to create lasting memories that become special to all the employees in Bangalore. Take your employees on an adventure trip and draw in nature into their lives. Experiences play out a significant role and evolve when people curate and consume something different about the city you pick to travel.

Every city in the world carries its own uniqueness, and people living there make the experience even more different. Employees feel rejuvenated when the experience different culture, art forms, heritage sites, communities etc.

4. Tech Gadgets

Please your employees with tech gifts. Bring in these gifts as they are made for modern and tech-savvy workers as they work hard to deliver something special at the end of each working day.

Please your employees with Tech gifts

Gifting tech gifts are far more exciting than the end of the year bonus. However, you could go with something that is simple and easy to buy, like a box of chocolates, but consider the list below for some that your co-workers are sure to acknowledge.

  • USB Pens: Gift a pen that comes along with an 8GB flash drive. In addition to this you can get the company’s logo prescribed on the side of it. These gadgets are quite affordable(But don’t let your employees know about the cost).
  • Camera like Mugs: You might have a few employees in the office, who love photography, gift them mugs that look exactly like the lens of a camera.
  • Belkin Wireless Charger: Although the Belkin Wireless Charger is on a higher side, but this definitely is the best you can gift to the most valuable employee. Just ask them to set their phone on top of the device and once the LED is illuminated, phone is ready to charge. The charge is quite fast and the size of the charger is perfect for a spot like the office desk.
  • Portable Chargers: Portable chargers are on the go item any co-workers could use. These chargers cost less than the Wireless chargers, but charge phones pretty fast and in addition to this the LED lights let you know how much power is left.


While expensive gifts are the best way to express gratitude to your employees in Bangalore, the best gifts are those which contain some thought into it.

This was our list on some of the corporate gifting trends that can please your employees. We have covered from the sustainable gifts for the ones that love the planet to the best tech gifts to give to the tech savvy employees.

Hope you find this list interesting and hit us up if you find gifts that are missing from this article.

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