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How to Manage Your SME Loan and Where to Spend it in Your Business?

SME loans are an important source of funding for all startups and small business owners. They provide the initial source of capital which the small and medium business owners require to get their business plan working, or to scale their existing business plan.

A SME loan is specifically directed towards these businesses. They have a low interest repayment schedule, which spans over a comfortable repayment tenure. This allows the business owner to avoid being excessively financially burdened. Another important factor in SME loans is the ability to get finance without having to put up any sort of security as collateral.

There are a number of different financial institutions which provide a significant number of plans for business owners to select from. Each of these plans have their own characteristic repayment tenure, interest rates and other terms and conditions. Business owners should go through different plans thoroughly before selecting a plan that is best suited for their business.

Once a SME finance is undertaken, there are a number of ways in which the capital can be managed in running the business.

Reviewing of costs: running a business requires a number of day to day expenses. In order to properly manage the finances of a business, it is essential to keep a track of all the expenses that takes place. This helps the business owner in correctly allocating funds to different sectors depending on the requirement for funding.

Efficient accounting: another step to keep an accurate track of expenses is by making sure that the company accounts are kept in updated condition. This allows the owner to keep a track of all the expenses taking place, and to determine which areas need cutting back, and which areas need more investment.

Creating financial projections: creating target financial projections based on the estimated costs of running the company is a very important step. It allows the business owner to set a financial target for his business and lets him formulate a financial plan accordingly.

Efficient invoicing: in order to input all the expenses correctly into the company books, creating invoices for every expense can be a big help. Invoices help in keeping track of the expenses accurately, so that they can be incorporated into the company accounts efficiently.

Keeping track of loan repayments: after taking on SME loans India, the owners of small businesses should keep track of all the EMI payment dates. Regular repayments of the business loans makes sure that the company doesn’t face the additional burden of increasing interest amounts. It also ensures that the credit score of the business owner is healthy, which allows him to take on further loans in the future more easily.

Cautious expansion: before expanding money on expanding too fast, too soon, business owners should assess the financial capabilities of the business and create financial projections to see if an expansion is economically feasible. Only in those circumstances should they move forward with an expansion plan.

Keeping additional expenses to a minimum: almost all startups face a lot additional expenses to start off. These include taxes, legal fees, creating infrastructure to run the business etc. It is necessary to take smart steps when it comes to allocating funds for these expenses. One such example is renting of premises rather than outright buying a property. This makes sure that the company doesn’t face the financial burden of having to maintain a property from the very beginning.

The small and medium businesses are an important part of today’s economy. They drive the majority of sales across different markets, and create new job opportunities and put forward revolutionary ideas. It is therefore necessary that they get the correct source of funding for getting their business model started. A business loan help them in doing this. With the help of these loans, and careful management of finances, it is possible for all small businesses to flourish immediately.

How do coupon websites work?

Coupon websites, in simple terms, are online advertising websites that use the technique of direct marketing in order to facilitate group-purchase deals. They tend to develop a massive customer database through collection of names, location, and contact details of every person who purchases any item from them.

How do coupon websites work

Here is how the coupon websites function.

1. Offer Advertised

The coupon catering process starts when a website launches the new offer for a business. Offers like these are generally meant for heavily discounted items, events, or services. These offers appear on the site and also emailed on a direct basis to the subscribers via daily newsletter highlighting offers in the local area. Some of the coupon sites tend to promote deals for the coupons via other channels like social media or TV advertisements. If any subscriber likes the offer, they eventually click over the button which takes the buyers to the ad or coupon website. These ads provide information like the coupon cost, saving & discount size, and offer expiry date.

2. Coupons Purchased

Customers can essentially click the “Buy Now” button in order to purchase a coupon immediately. The customers can use their debit/credit card in order to pay the coupon cost to the site. The website also sets the minimum number for customers that need to purchase the coupon before activation of the deal. If enough customers do not purchase the coupon, it tends to lapse. The ones that went via “Buy Now” process will not get billed. After the total number of set customers is fulfilled, the website confirms that the coupon/ Promo code is “On” to be redeemed.

3. Word-Of-Mouth

If a customer likes the deal he got, he will most likely promote the same using their own set of networks like posting about the same on social media or pitching it to a friend. Each of these coupon ads comes with the button that allows the users, a chance to share this ad via social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, or via email. Most of these sites also give credit vouchers or incentives to the customers that sign up their friends to the website.

4. Coupons Redeemed

Customers usually receive the coupons via email which can be redeemed at the website of participating business. The businesses use uniquely encrypted coupon numbers in order to track each coupon that is redeemed. This is usually with aid brought along via tracking tools that are provided by websites. The coupons generally are inclusive of factors such as expiry date, number of times it can be used, or maximum coupons per user.

5. Business Shares

The website associated with a business keeps a particular share of each coupon’s value ranging anywhere amidst 20 percent to 60 percent. Websites pay businesses an agreed share of each coupon that is purchased while many other pay the share for each voucher redeemed.

Each coupon website comes with its own set of ideologies to function as a success in the ever-changing market. So the most important thing is setting up a good business plan while dealing with a coupon website to extract better revenue or ROI. So now that you know everything about coupon websites, you can access incredible deals with IndiaShoppers that brings you a full range of coupon codes and amazingly exclusive offers.

Top 5 Electrical Business Ideas in India

Indians and their need for energy consumption have been increasing with the pacing speed of progress in the country. Investing in the domain of electrical business in India can bring back a plethora of benefits along with staggering profit if you play the cards right. As a fresher starting a business, you can opt for the user-friendly B2B network platform, i.e. E-electricity. It is a professional platform that helps an energy entrepreneur locating reliable business contacts and credible information. Electrical tenders can help you establish your foot in the business domain.

Now that you know how to start with a business development protocol in the electricity domain, here are some of the popular genres you can invest in.

1. Electrical Tools and Accessories

Things such as socket plugs and switches are used both at workplace and home. Investing your assets in a business idea that manufactures these daily requirements can bring in a good chunk of profit. Electrical tools and accessory manufacturers never run out of business given the fact that these tools are a part of everyday life and are always in constant demand.

2. Renewable Energy

With non-renewable energy resources such as coal depleting day-by-day from over-consumption, people are now looking for alternatives. Renewable energy forms such as solar energy act as the new investment sector providing rising profit scenario. More and more Indians are investing in solar energy as opposed to the generic energy form. So, if you are someone looking for easy profit while saving the environment, nothing can be better than a business in renewable energy.

3. Battery Production

If you are a bit short on budget and need to make a good profit from investing in the electrical domain, you could easily bag a good profit from battery production. The manufacturing process of the same doesn’t require you to have a complex manufacturing unit. You can easily start the production is a spare room itself. However, you need to put up the dictates laid down by Pollution Control Board into consideration.

4. LED Light Production

LED is the short form of Light Emitting Diode. With time, LED lights have rapidly replaced the traditional bulbs given the fact that they save a lot on energy bills. Available in various colors ranging from yellow to ultra white, these lights can help you make a successful business entrepreneur. However, production of LED light requires business operation with large-scale factory but the profit is equally fulfilling. So, if you have the resources and capital, make sure LED light production is your first choice.

5. Electronic Recycling

We are all aware of the electronic wastes that have been piling up at an alarming rate. Electronic items such as TVs, mobile phones, computers, fax machines, etc gets manufactured at a fast rate and the old ones are thrown away. Electronic recycling is a massive market that can easily bring you good profit when invested in a strategic manner.

The Indian electrical & electronics sector is flourishing rapidly and its time you bang the hammer on this diversified sector to attain good profits. So whether you plan to be a dealer or manufacturer, make sure you enter the domain with proper planning to avoid any unplanned losses.

What is Importance Of Cost Management Training?

There are some categories of business owners out there who did not see any need to engage the staff in any form of training that targets waste reduction. To these set of business executives, they believe things will naturally fall in line. There are some others who are of the belief that they only need partial training of their staff in some areas of their business while other areas do not need the involvement of cost management training. We are going to look at the importance of making sure that every member of staff undergoes this course for the overall interest of the business endeavor.

* Effective Management Of Cost

The overall target of any business set up is to maximize profits and reduce the costs. This course will help in generating a huge amount of savings year in year out for businesses that avail its staffs the benefits of undergoing the course. It will help companies the opportunity to effectively use their resources to maximum benefits. It will help determine the cost of different services and products. It helps an organization to know if a supplier’s quotation is reasonable or not. It helps to facilitate improvements both within the organization as well as with the suppliers.

* It Helps In Measuring Performance

With an effective cost management of the operations of any business concern, it will become relatively easy to measure the performance of the business through the results of the finances posted. The two major factors that make up the value of the firm can be determined; they are the Risk and Profitability factors. Financial decisions which increase risks will be avoided while decisions that encourage profitability will be embraced. Good financial decisions are therefore made at the end of the day.

* Better Use Of Resources

When an organization knows the cost implications involved in the business process, they will behave privileged information that will enable them to make decisions that will ensure that they avoid pitfalls that lead to wastages. Many companies who are not versed in this process of this will definitely find themselves losing out at the end of the day. When you are able to manage the resources effectively well, you will be able to put such to judicious use and hence maximize the profits at the end of the day. Only companies whose staff has the benefits of this type of training from a reputable service provider like Zoe Talent Solutions can be in a position to make the best use of available resources.

The Handwriting So Far

You can reason from the points so far made that it is glaring that this training is highly important if a business is expected to get the best benefits. You need the experts to carry out the training exercise if results are to be achieved. With due respects to the service providers around in this notch, it is very glaring that every company needs a service provider that stands out in the midst of the rest like a star in the distant horizon. They can be relied upon for total and holistic solutions that will give any business the best benefits ever.

We are not yet done with the benefits that you will derive from carrying out the training for the benefit of your business. Take a look at the following as well:

* Project Cost Management

When you allow the experts to implement an effective management on cost for your firm, you will be in control by being in a position to keep your budget under that control. There are cases of businesses that overshoot their budget estimates; in such cases, there will be a problem over the effective completion of such projects.

It is best to have a detailed analysis of what the cost is involved before you move into the business execution proper to be able to sail through without any form of a hitch. There are three key components involved. They are:

* The Project Cost

You need a detailed estimate of the cost of each of the units that make up the project

* Your Budget

When you have known the units that make up the project; you will be required to carry out a cost of what is involved in each of the units which will form the baseline for the project. The approved baseline is the budget for the project.

Cost Control

When you have gotten to the execution stage of your project; there is the need for effective control of the project. This can only be done by the experts.

Final Take

You need to carry out this process if you want the best for your business. For the best service provider you must be on the lookout for experience and the one with the best portfolio or you can click here to visit our recommended business management website.

7 fatal mistakes which may end up your business career

Some people manage to build a career quickly, climbing up the career ladder, while others, having good skills and education, can earn a penny without any perspectives. Keep in mind that it is not a university, when you can type “MBA application essay”, visit any site like this – and solve your problem. To gain success, you should follow some pieces of advice:

  1. Pressure on the pity.

Unfortunately, many employees of companies have resorted to this technique, when it comes to some of their blunders. Employers should not be interested in the reasons for your sleeplessness during the all night and in the number of children, whom you need to feed. All he wants from you is a precise performance of your tasks. If you make a mistake at work, you need to accept it and fix it and do not make any excuses. Of course, your chief can understand your situation, but tell him two or three plaintive stories and you can forget about career development in the near future.

  1. I do not know how to do.

If there is a task that requires skills from you in which you are not sure, do not give up right away. Say that you may need more information, ask clarifying questions, but you should not abandon your responsibilities. If the manager thinks that you can carry out these tasks, he is right. After completing this task, you will increase your chances of promoting, and even if it does not happen all at once, you get a new valuable skill.

  1. Lack of loyalty.

There is a fashion among employees to criticize the leadership or any aspects of the company. It is not necessary to maintain the very active general mood. Managers will not promote the staff who constantly criticizes this company even if all of them are geniuses.

  1. Wrong image.

Many companies do not have a strict dress code but you should not abuse this right. The assistant, who wears jeans and a sweater, has fewer chances to get a promotion to a junior specialist, than the one that adheres to a business style. Companies are often judged by the look of its employees, and those positions that require communication with partners will get only those who look quite presentable.

  1. Indiscipline.

The habit of being late to work or missing the deadlines, spoils the image of the employee in the eyes of the leadership and also interfere career growth.  Even the order on the table is sometimes important because some managers associate the mess on the table with the mess in the head.

  1. The absence of apparent desire to grow.

Sometimes employees do not show that they are interested in a future career. They are not interested in the work of the company and they are not trying to acquire new skills. In this way, they lose the ability to express themselves.

  1. Excessive shyness.

If the company opens an interesting vacancy and you are interested in this position, it is a good idea to be active. You should speak with your executive officer, who is looking for an employee or with the personnel department. You have higher chances to get this position because you are a better candidate than an outsider, who do not know the features of the company.

Despite these seven main rules, there are some additional, which will be useful, too. So, do not be lazy. It sounds a little bit trite, but laziness is often the main reason, which does not allow the employee to move up the career ladder. If he performs all of the tasks grudgingly, he is not appropriate for a higher position, which requires hard work. You should also maintain good relationships with colleagues, because the decision about promotion does not depend on the executive officer. He can ask someone from the staff whether there is a decent candidate. Any big company is a kind of a big village where everyone knows all about each other. The phrase “we have such a good girl, I’m sorry she is so long in the same position” in the smoking room may be really important. Finally, do not forget to show how carefully you work. Quite often noticeable people are not those who work a lot, but those who work noticeably. Do not forget to carry out all your tasks in a timely manner, to take the necessary reports and fill them in details.

Therefore, these tips are quite simple and if you avoid these mistakes in your work, your promotion will not take a long time and you will not be obligated to do something supernatural to gain success.

15 Best Business Ideas with Zero Investment

In today’s economic scenario, there is a quite lesser chance of getting a job. But still people study abroad and approach a higher degree of education for their bright future. But there are people or professionals who want to make a job for their own self. And for that there are many business ideas with zero investment. Professionals with confidence and passion can take up small business ideas with zero investment.

Top 15 Business Ideas with Zero Investment

To make a difference in this world a person or a professional need to make a difference and take risks as well. Therefore, to make those tough choices one need to step forward and decide. Here are some of the choices and great business ideas with zero investment.

1) Recruitment Firm

For a start up a person with with good networking skill and communication can build a recruitment firm. A recruitment firm where he or she can contact people who are suitable for different types of job in their own specialty and skill. It is one of the major start up business ideas with zero investment in India because of the huge manpower availability.

2) Web Developer

Skilled and professional web developer and website builder can start one of the website for their business or for others as well.

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3) Event Organizer

Some people have their skill to organize a party. And arranging all types of elements for  an event or a party is not an easy thing, but people with talent can be a fortune out of it.

4) Freelancing

A freelancing is one of the new business ideas with zero investment. These freelancing provides a professional advertise their skill and expertise in a task.

5) Interior Designer

There are people with skill and talent when it comes to interior designing. It’s something what they are made for. And for people with right talent it turns itself in a positive change.

6) Tailoring

One of the common business idea which is mostly pursued by the women and men. But most of the households depend on such business ideas which can be less risky for people on the edge.

7) Tuition Class

As mentioned above, another common business idea which definitely delivers reasonable income. Moreover, with the help of education and smartness people even can make money out of tuition services also.

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8) Wedding Planner

Being a wedding planner is not a small thing. Handling a whole wedding arrangement, and calling all the decisions along with responsibility requires people with leadership quality.

9) Real Estate

Working in the real estate is more likely to receive a good commission and respect in the field. And a skilled professional can earn a great amount of income with real estate with better ideas to sell properties.

10) Insurance Agents

The work of insurance agents is same as real estates. The only difference is that they sell property and insurance agents sell policies.

11) Content Writing

Writing is something which came out before, but content writing is one of the innovative business ideas with zero investment. Content writer, are more often fall in the category of freelancers.

12) Dancing Classes

Professional with dancing abilities can open their dance class and invest their talent for a long run.

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13) Career Counseling

The career counseling work is similar to the work of recruitment firm. But the difference is that they help people in making a right decision while choosing their career options.

14) Mobile Food Shop

It is one of the best business ideas with zero investment. And this business idea definitely works with a tasty food and service.

15) Customized Jewelry Making

People even design some jewelry using crafts and paper. And because of constant change in the fashion industry people hire professionals with suck skills.

Therefore, all these business ideas with zero investment can deliver great margin of profit, if the business is structured and executed perfectly.

To conduct business within India, it is always advised to use a PAN card.

20 Business Ideas after Retirement in India

Post retirement are the golden years of your life which you have been patiently working towards. Finally, the time has come when you can sit back with a cup of tea and a really good book and enjoy your leisure time- guilt free. However, there are a few workaholics out there who simply cannot stand the idea of being idle. Some might even like to make some extra pocket money after retirement.

Top 20 Business Ideas after Retirement in India

Here are 20 business ideas after retirement that you can try out:

1) Blogging

Some of us out there have a natural flair for writing. Start your own blog, or join a freelance company which allows you to write at your own time. Not only will it help exercise your mind, you can also earn a substantial amount of money out of this business venture.

2) Rent out Property

When you finally have enough funds to do so, buy some property and rent it out. Use your retirement package to help fund the mortgage, and earn pure passive income with this business idea after retirement in India.

3) Teaching

What best way to make indefinite use of your skills than going into the teaching line? you could join some place, or even tutor kids from home on any subject of your choice; be it music, art, math, English, etc.

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4) Write e-books

With the world slowly becoming more and more technologically advanced, e-books have become extremely common. Use your expertise to write an e-book and sell it over the internet for some fame as well as money.

5) Consulting

Training new and experienced staff of a company in your line of expertise could be the best business idea after retirement for you to venture into.

6) Sales

Get online and sell products which you own, or which are supplied to you by a business. You can either produce these products at home for a small cost price, or work on commission basis for another business. Either way, it can turn out to be a good small business idea after retirement.

7) Fine Arts

Turn your creativity into a business after retirement. If you have always loved to have painting, drawing, pottery, sewing or making hand made products as a hobby, now is the chance for you to turn it into a business after retirement. Sell your hand made stuff online or through sales at exhibitions.

8) Food business

Some of us have a natural flair for cooking. You can turn your special recipe into a commercial adventure by involving yourself into the food business after retirement in India. 

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9) Work for your former employer

Many companies offer this option to retirees where you can opt to work for your previous organization, but from the comfort of your own home and timings. You can continue doing the job you have become so skilled at- from home.

10) Retail Business

Have some antiques which you want to sell off? What better place to do this than the internet. You can also put up your antiques for sale at auctions and exhibitions.

11) Childcare Services

For those individuals who simply cannot have enough of being around kids, getting into the childcare business can be a good business idea after retirement. You can get help from your family and work from home, while doing one of the most heart-warming jobs in the world.

12) Call Centre Jobs

While many companies require you to work at their office, you can also work from home at a call centre job after retirement.

13) Tour leader

Enjoy travelling after your retirement with your expenses taken care of by signing up as a tour guide. You can opt for a local, nation or even international tour leader business.

14) Garden Maintenance

For all those out there who have a green thumb, getting into the gardening business can be rewarding and a good way to spend your time after retirement. Make some money doing what you love and making a difference to people’s lives.

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15) Tax Services

If you are one of those individuals who enjoy doing taxes, you could find tax servicing to be a lucrative business idea after retirement.

16) Pet Sitting

For all the animal lovers out there, there is literally no better job after retirement than pet sitting your favourite animals for a small amount of money.

17) Bed and Breakfast

If you have a large enough place, you can start your own bed and breakfast business after retirement, provided you can provide the breakfast as well!

18) Professional Speaking

A venture with endless potentials, become a professional speaker after retirement if you have good communication skills and are a good orator.

19) Translator

If you are bilingual, an online translator can be the best business idea after retirement for you.

20) Florist

Anyone with an eye for beauty and love for horticulture can turn this passion into a business after retirement.

Top 20 Business Ideas for Women at Home in India 

Considering India to be the largest demographic in the world, a women entrepreneur is capable of running a large firm along with managing family and home. Women surpass men in understanding domain, general expertise, flexibility and risk taking. Here we provide top 20 business ideas for women at home in India.

List Of 20 Business Ideas For Women at Home

There is a vast scope for women in India to startup a firm, either small or large, especially if they are educated and understand how things work. Given here are some of the best business ideas for women at home.

1) Affiliate Marketing

Though, tough to understand, this startup gives easy returns. The owner can affiliate to a big e-store and divert its customers to them, earning commission.

2) Boutique Store

With changing fashion trends, it is easier to start a boutique store from home. Buying stocks at wholesale rate is required, making it a hot business idea for women in India.

3) Book Keeping

Accounting services including e-filing, sales tax, service tax, etc. can be provided. This home based business is ideal for women who are well-versed with the commercial fundaments.

4) Blogging

Blogging is a powerful way of communicating information online for easy and quick money. Hence, it makes up one of the best business ideas for women at home.

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5) Beauty Parlour

This type of business needs proper knowledge and skills. Starting your own parlor at home is an amazing idea to make easy money.

6) Training For Computer Courses

A computer training institute can be started from home. This requires a very low investment and time devotion. It gives good value for the input.

7) Craft Making

Hobbies like candle making, basket weaving or making decorative pieces using plaster of Paris, can become one such own business ideas for women in India.

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8) Biscuit Making

Being yet another skilled work that cannot be done by just anyone, it becomes an awesome business idea for women at home. Maintaining the quality is a must.

9) Baby Sitting and Day Care

Working women who cannot stay at home to look after their young ones look out for centers that can do so. This business can be initiated on a very small scale. Proper care and security should be maintained.

10) Glass Etching

This is a small business idea for women in India. Females with a creative mind and hands-on skills can start doing the business from home location with a very low capital.

11) Catering and Food Delivery

Stay at home women who cook well can try their hand in the catering business. From tiffin service to small events like birthday parties, this business has a great potential.

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12) Tuition Classes

Women, who have expertise in any subjects, can impart academic support to school going children. This startup requires almost no cost if initiated from home.

13) Virtual Assistance

A virtual assistant can check and organize emails, to-do lists and schedules without being physically present in front of the client. This very own business idea for women can kick start with a few requirements.

14) Social Media Profile Consulting

All high profile people and business have accounts and pages over Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and so on. You can help their business grow by managing social networking profiles. This is an easy startup idea for all women.

15) Processed Food Selling

Many women have the knack of making papads, jams, chutneys, pickles and sauces at home. If a steady quality can be maintained, this task can be taken upto a startup scale. The initial investment is quite low.

16) Home Fitness Centre

This is a good business idea for women who can train other people to be fit. Classes like aerobics and Zumba can be started. This startup can be held at the home location.

17) Organic Gardening

This greenhouse project can be built up with a low initial investment, if there is enough space at home. The turnover against investment is good, as sales are easy.

18) Designer Lace Making

Knitting laces is an easy business idea for women at home, having the required skill set. Later on a commercial lace making machine can also be set up for business expansion.

19) Translating

Knowing a special national or a foreign language can make you earn money by setting up your own translating business from home. Hooking clients is very easy.

20) Resume Writing

If you were in the corporate sector, initially and have been at home lately, use your skills to write polished resumes for others. Making money is easy and quick.

Conclusion :

In this digital era, it is necessary to make utmost use of technology for easy handling of the business as well as from a marketing point of view. These top 20 business ideas for women at home in India can empower women to gain control of their own finances. 

Top 10 Business Ideas for Beginners in India

For beginners, it can be a challenge to finance a new startup. It should be kept in mind that these business ventures made by freshers should be something that does not require a huge capital input, initially. You must have heard how many big businessmen started with only a mere amount of finance. In this article we list down top 10 business ideas for beginners in India.

10 Easy Startup Ideas For Beginners In India

Starting off with a small investment protects the first-timers from major monetary risks. Other things like resource optimization, capital expenditure planning, creativity and skill sets, sponsorship and product identification in market play a huge role for best business ideas for beginners. Here, you can go through a few startup options.

1) Advertising

Starting up a digital marketing agency requires a small set up and low investment. Online marketing consulting can also be done for other businesses. Promotional product sales, outdoor ad consultancy and many more options come under this niche. Hence, advertising is the best business idea for beginners in India.

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2) Small Courier and Delivery Services

This type of easy business idea for beginners in India, are at a boom. Tie-ups with a few clients and employing few fresher initially will do the deed. With around INR 1 lakh – INR 10 lakhs investment, you can get healthy returns in 6-8 months.

3) Accountant

If you have studied commerce and accounting, your services are much needed by other firms and companies. It is easy to build your own base for own accounting startup. This type of business can be done from your home location and even online.

4) Home Cleaning Service

This startup may require employment from the beginning, but it is considered as an easy business idea for beginners. Here, investment and risk factor, both is lowkey. With a few equipment and quality products the start-off can be handled. Proper marketing is necessary.

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5) Web Designing And Development

This creative business idea for beginners requires specific skills. But, if you are a thorough web developer, it is easy to convert your talent into a startup and make good amount of money. Students who are well versed with web designing and development should not lose this amazing business opportunity.

6) Event Planning and Management

For people with strong communication and managerial skills, planning events is a lucrative option. Weddings, parties and other events can be easily organized with low inputs. Timely delivery of services and keeping promises is a must.

7) Car Washing and Detailing

This service doesn’t always require high-end equipment or a large monetary input. This is one of the most superb business ideas for beginners in India, as it can be set up at any location which is in reach of your clients.

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8) Landscape Photography

Focusing on observations and creative talent, this art business idea for beginners is an easy option for introverts. High quality photography equipment and cameras are required in the beginning. Selling of photographs can be done online.

9) Online Tutoring

Starting up an online tutoring firm on your own is a great method of providing academic assistance. The communication can be done through the internet and phones. This makes it an easy business idea for beginners from home.

10) Interior Decoration

Another perfect business idea for beginners can be, decorating office spaces and homes. Buying the right furniture, placing the correct artifacts and even choosing the color of the walls, all comes under this easy to begin startup option.

These were the top 10 business ideas for beginners in India. There are many aspects on which the selection of your startup depends. It is very important to put in initial effort into the business, irrespective of the option you choose.

Always remember, to engage in business or financial transactions in India, it is important to apply for a PAN card.

Top 10 Online Business Ideas in India with Low Investment

Today, retired professionals, women at home and students are looking out to earn extra income which does not ask for much investment. Though, searching for such an opportunity seems like a tedious task, many online options have surged up in the market which can give you easy returns by just a small investment. In this article we show you top 10 online business ideas in India with low investment.

10 Amazing Online Business Startups In India That Don’t Cost You Much

It is all over the news channels, newspapers and media, how people are able to earn millions and billions from just an online business. So, if you are looking for a smart yet, easy way to even, switch your career, think about an online startup to make easy money. We have sorted some of the best options for you.

1) Be a Blogger

The best online business idea for students is blogging. You create a website for writing up daily experiences, travelling, passion, hacks and numerous interesting topics. When these websites are visited, you make money.

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2) Quick Money Through Freelancing

Freelancing is one of the best online business ideas from home. All you need is a PC and your skills at writing. The startup can initially return upto INR 30,000 every month and can go higher depending on the business. This also proves to be a great online business idea for moms at home.

3) Your Own YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube channel for review of gadgets or recipes and various other stuffs is currently the best online business idea in Delhi and Mumbai. Publishing of videos can be done on a regular basis. Again, earnings depend on the number of views.

4) E-Selling

If you want a simple online business idea that is easy to handle, then nothing is better than online selling. It is not necessary to have your own products. Products can be bought from local manufacturers and sold.

5) Domain Flipping

The flipping works when the domains are bought at a cheap price and sold for a good amount of money. This can be a good business idea at home. The only thing to be looked for is the quality of the domain.

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6) Become A Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistance is one of the best online business ideas for women. You can be a personal assistant to anyone without being physically present for your client.

7) Affiliate Marketing

This is a popular online business idea without investment. The investor needs to sign up with any affiliate company to promote or sell its products. Though it is tough, but the income potential is very high.

8) Forex Trader

If you have a good understanding of how the Forex works, there is no better money making business than Forex trading. It is a hot online business idea for students and requires nearly, no investment.

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9) Training And Consulting

With expertise in a particular field, online consulting and training can be provided to people who need it. Things like online tutorials, nutrition, finance and job placements can be handled online.

10) Social Media Profile Manager

There are a lot of small businesses and high profile people who have individual pages over social media, but do not have the timeto manage or update them. Thus, managing such profiles and keeping their followers updated, becomes an easy online business idea with no investment at all.

Final Words

There can be many online business ideas suitable for different types of people. The top 10 online business ideas in India with low investment listed above can make a good deal of money, provided they have the required skills and also, willingness to put in appropriate effort and time.