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How to Change your Name in SBI Account ?

Change Name in SBI Bank Account : As we all know State Bank of India is one of the best banks in India and it provides all the bank account holders with a variety of services. In our previous articles we have told you about the steps to change address in SBI Bank Account and also the procedure to change mobile number in SBI Account. So, if you are now looking to change your name in SBI Account, this article will help you do it. There might be number of reasons as to why you are looking to change your name in SBI Account. Those reasons might be Name Change after Marriage, Name Change due to Change of Religion or due any other reason. In this Article, you will find the complete procedure and documents needed to change name in SBI Bank Account. Please note that by changing your name in SBI Account, you will also be able to change your name in SBI Passbook and a few other account related documents.

How to Change Name in SBI Bank Account ?

Before we start with the process to change name in SBI Bank Account, please see to it that your Bank Account is operational and not dormant or inactive. In case your Account is dormant, you will have to reactivate SBI dormant Account first.

Steps to Change Name in SBI Account

1) Write an Application addressing the Branch Manager for Change of Name in SBI Bank Account. You must mention all the below mentioned details in the application :

  • Your SBI Bank Account number and Customer ID/CIF Number (This detail can be found on Bank Passbook/Account Statement)
  • Your Existing Name and New Name
  • Detailed Reason for Name Change
  • Your contact details like your Residential Address, Mobile number, and Email address
  • Your Signature at the end

2) Gather Documents supporting the Change of Name

  • Self-attested copy of Marriage Certificate (For women who are going for Name Change after Marriage).
  • Attested copy of the Gazette notification with the Old and New names on it (For All Others).

Note : In certain cases, you may need to obtain Change of Name Newspaper Publication.

3) Visit the SBI Home Branch, ask the Accountant for SBI Change/Modification Request Form and fill it up completely. Alternatively, you can also click on this link to download –> SBI Change/Modification Request Form

4) Submit all the required Documents including the Application of Change of Name, Attested copy of Marriage Certificate/Gazette Notification and completely filled up Change/Modification Request Form to the Accountant.

You’re done! Once the successful validation of your documents is done, your new name will appear in SBI Bank records. Once this is done, don’t forget to update your new name in SBI Passbook. You can use your SBI Bank Passbook to do the name change in all other documents such as PAN Card, Aadhaar Card etc. All those who have not linked your Aadhaar Card to Bank Account must link your Aadhaar Card to SBI Bank Account. In case you moved to another place or another city, you can now transfer SBI Bank Account quite easily.

Final Words :

You might have found that the process to change name in SBI Bank Account is quite easy. Once you have all the required documents, it hardly takes 10-15 mins for the Change of Name in SBI Bank Account and you can easily change Name in SBI Bank Passbook and Debit Card once it has been changed in the bank records.

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  1. Mrs is written in my name instead of Ms by default in SBI account so how can I change it.

  2. updated passbook give to the same date or old date


    I want to change my saving account name change
    Kailash Kumar Lohar


    My sbi account number is 61140059765
    Name should be Kailash Kumar Lohar in place of Kailash Kumar Luhar.

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