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How to Close a Bank Account in SBI ?

Close Bank Account in SBI : State Bank of India is known to be the best and the largest bank in India. However, due to several reasons you might be looking to close your SBI Account. Some of the reasons to close a bank account in SBI might be improper behaviour of the staff, having multiple accounts in SBI or other banks, having a dormant or inactive account from a long period, closed or planning to close a company and the associated current account. Before you finally think of closing your SBI Account, you must know that SBI is the biggest bank in India with highest number of branches and ATMs across the country.

If you are planning to close down the SBI Account due to misbehaviour of any employee(s) of a specific branch, you could consider transferring your SBI Account to Another Branch. If you want to close your bank account in SBI as it is dormant or inactive, you can easily reactivate dormant or inactive account in SBI. If you are still not satisfied due to any reason and you have decided to close your SBI Account, you can go through the step by step procedure given below to close bank account in SBI.

How to Close Bank Account in SBI ?

In order to close a Bank Account in SBI, you will have to follow the 3 important steps given below. Let us now begin with the complete procedure for closing SBI Bank Account.

1) Fill up SBI Account Closure Form

Collect the SBI Savings/Current Bank Account Closure Form from any Branch of SBI. Fill up the Account Closure form completely once you have it with you.

Account Closure Form in SBI will require the following information :

  • Account Holder’s Name
  • Account Number
  • Mobile Number of the Account Holder
  • Option to receive the account balance amount by (1) Cash (2) Cheque/Draft (3) Balance transfer to any other Bank account
  • Signature of Authorized Signatory of the Bank Account

2) Return your Debit Card, Cheque Book & Passbook

As soon as you fill up the SBI Account Closure, gather all the documents received from your SBI Branch such as Debit Card, SBI Cheque Book & Bank Passbook. You are required to surrender these documents at the SBI Home Branch during closure of your Savings/Current Bank Account.

In case your SBI Account Balance is below the minimum balance requirement but above Zero, you will get the remaining amount only. However, if you Account Balance is in minus i.e., below Zero, you will need to follow an extra step to deposit the non-maintenance and/or fine amount.

3) Submit your Address & Identity Proof Documents

In order to prove your Identity and Address to the Bank, you may also need to provide the photostat copies of your Address and ID Proof Documents in SBI.

Once you have completely followed the above 3 steps to close SBI Bank Account, your request will be forwarded and processed to your SBI Home Branch and your account will be closed. You will receive the Account Balance by the mode of payment mentioned in your Account Closure Form i.e., through Cash, Cheque/Draft or Transfer to any Other Bank Account.

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Final Words :

Closing a Bank Account is usually not recommended to anyone. A Bank Account may serve you a lot of purposes like it acts an a valid address proof, bank statement is required while taking loan, credit card etc., for receiving funds and a lot more. So, if you are closing the SBI Account just for the sake of closing it, you can think of giving it a second chance.

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  1. I want new account open

  2. my sbi account is in maharastra and i want to close my account from bangalore. is it possible.

  3. Dear Sir,
    My sbi account is in Ranchi .So, I want to close account of Ranchi without visit in home branch causes of currently I leve on Patna. So this is possible thorough online or not

  4. Pardhasaradhi

    Dear sir,
    my sbi account is in chennai ,it is in operative mode i did not used from account open on wards .i want
    new account in sbi bank andrapradesh in my local area (Andhrapradesh) .I have address prof (pan card,aadhar card ,voter card) in my local area .so i tried to open new account in my local branch.bank manger said to me already u have account in chennai .here in my branch account open not possible due to when ever we try to account open system shows CIF CODE is on queue .a/c is generated (20305767214) CIF number generated (8852504030) but system not accepted it shows queue .can u say any alternate answer for account open in my locality

  5. My name is Gopal Singh RAJPUROHIT
    My sbi account is Hyderabad branch but live in
    Me live in Mumbai I close my account request in
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  6. Dear Sir,
    If i closed my account as per given step then can i get account closed acknowdgement by email or message.

  7. Amit Prakash Pandey

    I want to close my account in SBI as I don’t need it any more and there is no sufficient balance in it.
    So should I close it or leave it as it is?

    Right now it has Zero balance. So will they ask for fine by sending notice to my home or nothing will happen.

  8. Dear admin,
    My name is jui sarkar
    I have a SBI account in kolkata. but i want to open another SBI account in another branch in kolkata.
    is it possible?

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