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How to Transfer HDFC Bank Account from One Branch to Another ?

Transfer HDFC Bank Account from One Branch to Another : HDFC Bank is one most popular banks in India. If you already have a bank account in HDFC Bank, you can transfer your HDFC Bank Account at any point of time. Everyone have their own reason to transfer HDFC Bank account from one branch to another. The most common reason to transfer HDFC Bank account might be due to change of address from one place to another i.e., relocation within the same city or to any other city in India. Please note that Branch Transfer in HDFC Bank is free of cost and does not take more than 10 minutes after you visit the HDFC Bank Branch. Today, we will tell you the step by step procedure to transfer HDFC Bank Account from One Branch to Another.

How to Transfer HDFC Bank Account to another Branch ?

Before we tell you about the process to transfer your HDFC Bank Account, do remember to gather all the documents mentioned below.

Documents Required to Transfer HDFC Bank Account Branch

Let us have a look at the important documents needed for HDFC Bank Account Transfer.

1) Branch Transfer Application Write an application to the Branch Manager stating that you have an Account with the Branch and you want to transfer the Account to [Branch Name] in [City Name]. Also, mention other details of your Bank Account like your Name on Account & Account Number. Do remember that your Name should be exactly the same as mentioned in your Bank Account.

2) Address Proof : A self attested copy of Address Proof is also needed. Address Proof documents accepted by HDFC Bank are Aadhaar Card, Election/Voter Card, Indian Passport, Bank Passbook etc.

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3) PAN Card : An attested copy of Pan Card will also be required.

Steps to Transfer HDFC Bank Account from One Branch to Another

Once you have gathered all the required documents for HDFC Bank account transfer, you need to follow certain steps to complete the process to transfer HDFC Bank Account.

The Steps to transfer HDFC Bank Account from One Branch to Another are as follows :

1) Visit the HDFC Bank Branch where you want to transfer your Bank Account with all the documents mentioned above.

2) Submit the self attested copy of Address Proof &  Pan Card to the Accounts Executive or the Branch Manager along with the Application of Branch Transfer.

3) Show the original documents mentioned in Step 2 to the Accounts Executive and submit the copy of the documents.

Normally an Account is transferred to another HDFC Bank branch is quite immediate.

Final Words :

A lot of applicants tend to delay this procedure thinking that it would consume a lot of time. The procedure to transfer HDFC Bank account from one branch to another is quite easy and does not take more than 10 minutes once you reach the HDFC Branch. So, don’t think too much and start collecting the required documents in order to transfer your HDFC Bank Account Branch.


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  1. i want to transfer my hdfc account to another branch
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