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How to Apply for SBI Credit Card ?

Apply for SBI Credit Card : State Bank of India is the largest bank in India with its headquarters in Mumbai. Not only does it provides wide range of banking services, but also offers a variety of SBI Credit cards to meet the needs of consumers of all income group. So, whether you are Salaried, Self-Employed, a business owner or a Student, SBI has a Credit Card for each one of you. Before you jump to any conclusion you must know a few details about SBI Credit Cards. Today, we will take you through the step by step procedure on how to apply for SBI Credit Card ? 

How to Apply for SBI Credit Card

How to Apply for Credit Card in SBI ?

First thing to do while applying for a Credit Card is to check your eligibility.

Step 1) Eligibility Criteria to Apply for SBI Credit Card

Think if you do most of the formalities at your end and didn’t even check if you are eligible for the SBI Credit Card or not! So, its always a good practice to check your eligibility to apply for Credit Card in SBI.

Basic Requirements to apply for a SBI Credit Card are as follows :

  • Applicant must be Indian.
  • Applicant must be over 18 years of age.
  • Applicant must have a good credit score with no loan/credit card defaulting.
  • Depending upon Salaried or Self-Employed/Business Professionals the documentation and charges might differ.

Step 2) Review all the SBI Credit Card Options

You can compare features and benefits of up to three SBI Credit Cards at a time online. This feature can help you to get a better idea to apply for SBI Credit Card. Use this link to Compare Credit Cards in SBI.

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You can also check from the list of SBI Cards given below. At any point of time you can talk to SBI Card Helpline Number((Prefix STD Code)39 02 02 02  ) or Visit any SBI Branch to know more about any SBI Credit Card.

List of SBI Credit Cards

SBI Signature Credit Card SBI Platinum Card SBI Advantage Signature Card
FBB SBI Styleup Card Air India SBI Platinum Card Air India SBI Signature Card
SBI Gold Credit Card SBI Advantage Gold SBI Advantage Plus Card
Tata Cards BMB Platinum Credit Card BMB Gold & More Card
SBI Advantage Platinum SBI Student Plus Advantage SimplyClick Credit Card
Yatra SBI Card IRCTC SBI Platinum Card IRCTC SBI Card
SBI Advantage Gold & More SBI UBI Card Karur Vysya Bank SBI Card
SBI Dena Bank Secured Card Karur Vysya Bank SBI Platinum Card SBI Corporate Utility Card
Oriental Bank of Commerce SBI Platinum Card Oriental Bank of Commerce SBI Card Bank of Maharashtra SBI Card
Bank of Maharashtra SBI Platinum Credit Card SBI Platinum Corporate Card SBI Signature Corporate Card

Step 3) Gather the Required Documents

Once you review the Credit Card Options, you need to gather your necessary documents in order to apply for a SBI Credit Card.  Also, you will need to keep the following information and documents handy :

  • Personal Information : Name, Address, Occupation, Education Level, Date of Birth, Email Address, Gender, PAN Number, Mobile or a Landline telephone number.
  • Professional Information :  The name of your Employer, Company Address, Work Industry, Designation, and the number of years you’ve been employed at the current company.
  • Address Proof : Passport, Voter ID, License, UID Aadhar Number,or any acceptable document.
  • Other Documents : PAN Card, Salary slips/Certificate for last 3 months, Income Tax Return document, Latest bank statement indicating salary credited for minimum 3 months.

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Step 4) Apply for SBI Credit Card

The quickest way to apply for SBI Credit Card is through SBI Card Official Website sbicard.com. A lot of online applications for SBI Card have only two pages of information to provide. Give all the required details as requested. Once you agree to the terms and conditions, submit the application for processing. Remember not to double-click! This could result in an error.

Alternately, You can also call SBI Card helpline at 39 02 02 02 (please prefix the STD Code of your city) or visit the nearest SBI branch to apply for SBI Card.

Step 5) Approval Process of SBI Credit Card Application

If your application is approved online, SBI executives will get in touch with you within 2 working days to inform you about the all the documents you need to submit. The executives will also set an appointment with you to collect the required documents from you. Once you have submitted all your necessary documents, it will take up to 21 days to process your SBI Credit Card application. Final approval of your SBI Credit Card depends on the documents you provide.


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  1. Can I get credit card I am retiredd defence pensioners.draw 17500pm own house no loans.need for emergency situations.

    • Hello Mr.Srinivasan,

      You can get a Credit Card on your Pension. Also, you can get a Credit Card against fixed deposit (If you have any).

      • Sir/madam due to medical treatment cant have fixed deposit as I purchased new home. However I desired to have credit card for online shopping and emergency situations pls can you assist and advise .pls call 9603187543

      • I have good credit score as on sep 2016

  2. How much salary is required for sbi bank credit card

  3. Whats the take home salary required for SBI credit card?

  4. If I want a sbi credit card then what is The requirements of that. I have no fixed deposit, and I am also a employee (central govt) but temporary position. Salary 10000 RS

  5. Sir I am working in private firm.At present am getting 24000 per month. I want creditcard for online shopping.

  6. Can I get credit card I am student

    • Hi Deepak,

      You can get a SBI Credit Card against FD. Open a Fixed deposit of minimum 20,000 and you will get credit limit of 70% of the FD Amount.

  7. Can get credit card I working in Riya travels 15000 salary

  8. Will sbi issues credit card based upon other company credit card?
    Will they check Other company credit card?
    Give me reply asap,
    Why because some mediators are asking my credit card details front side Xerox of My other company credit card and Credit card statement too….
    Is it required….
    I am getting 33000 as THS salary….
    Should I submit above all documents…

  9. Can I get SBI Credit Card ????
    I Am a Student But As You (Admin) mentioned above I have a FD amounting to Rs 20000

  10. hello, my salary is 13,500 pm . can i get SBI credit card??

  11. Hello sir, I am employed in Paramilitary (MHA),Rank Constable and I receives Net Salary ₹ 25K per month . I have Personal loan and would like to get credit card from SBI. I had a conversation via phone to one of executive of my nearest SBI Branch. He said I need to open an FD of 20K and they will avail me only 12K limit.
    So, Dear Admin kindly suggest me which SBI Credit card is best suitable for me and please clear my doubts regarding FD.

    • Hi S Newar Sir,

      If you open a FD of 20k you will get a Credit Limit of Rs.14000 (70% of the FD Amount). Some banks also offer a Credit Card against Loan, you can enquire if they can offer you a Credit Card against your Personal Loan. This card would be having higher credit limit.

      And Mr.S Newar, you don’t need to call me Sir. Being in Paramilitary and serving our Nation, you deserve a lot more respect than I do, Sir. 🙂

      Anirudh Singh

  12. hello sir, my daughter is a student in twelve standard and her age is 17teen years so if i apply her a credit card by making fixed deposit so she is eligible for the credit card please let me know.thanks.

  13. How to get i credit card….i am a student ….i have completed my graduation nd now i am prepairing for banking sector…so plzz tell me…i get or not credit card…..my banking account statement also better..

    • Hi Asif,

      You wont be able to get a Credit Card based on your Bank Account Statement, either you should be a salaried employee or you must have having loan with SBI. The option left with you is to open a FD of minimum Rs.20,000. And you will get a Credit Card against that FD.

  14. Hello sir…my self sujay i m having savings ac with sbi…can i get credit card???

  15. hello ,,my salary is 15000/- can i get credit card.

  16. Hello sir, my salary is around 15000 k in a pvt ltd.I need sbi credit card.can I eligible for it or i make a fixed round 50000 k

    • Hi M.Raja,

      You are not eligible on the base of your salary. Against an FD of Rs.50,000 you can get a Credit Card with a limit of Rs.35,000.

  17. Hello sir,
    I recently completed my graduation and I want to apply for a credit card. I am still unemployed but I have been working on an online portal since 2 years where I can make about 20,000 INR per month. The income depends on how much time I devote, the more time I spend the more money I can get.
    I don;t have any balance in my account right now.
    Am I eligible to get a credit card in this scenario ?

  18. I am police constable. My net salary 18000 pm .I want credit card.I eligible for it.what i Do

  19. Hi sir
    I am working as a teacher in private school my salary is 30,000 Rs. I am planning to FD 50,000 in SBI . Is it possible to get credit card….and another doubt is I want to buy laptop which price is 60,000 Rs through online shopping….is it possible……then monthly instalment is 5500.Rs please inform me .

    • Hi Kaleemulla,

      If you make a FD of Rs.50,000 your Credit Card limit will be Rs.35,000. The EMI of Laptop may be Rs.5500 but your limit must be at least the amount at which the laptop is costing you i.e., Rs.60,000. For getting Rs.60,000 limit, you must have a FD of at least Rs.86,000.

  20. I don’t have any account in SBI. Am I eligible for getting credit card?

  21. hi sir,
    can i get credit card from sbi .now am working in narayana colleges as the PRO.i have 17000 salary .could you please tell get it or no

  22. Hlo admin my salary is 18k am i eligible for credit card….please don’t ignore reply asas

  23. Hello Admin
    I working in a Law Taxation Firm, I was received my salary cash due to no bank account, But now i opened bank account and took salary in bank account, My current salary is 20000k per month, but only single transcation is in my bank account of 20000k. Can i Get Credit card of Sbi

    • Hi Rahul,

      SBI will need your last 3 month’s bank statement which reflects your Salary Credited into your account. You can still consult the bank. But I think its better to wait for 2 more months and provide them 3 months bank statement.

  24. HELLO SIR,

  25. hello sir,
    i am working in corporate company my salary is 18500/- can i get credit card?

  26. Dear Sir or madam ,
    i have HDFC creadit card in that base can i get sbi card ?

  27. How much cibil score is required to make sbi credit card my cibil score is 737 i have a credit card of other bank of limit 75000rs which was made in the month of feb 2016

  28. SBI account is mandatory?CSP SBI account is ok or not?

  29. I’m a drawing teacher..I’m earning 6000/- pm…can I eligible for SBI credit card????

  30. In how many days , i can get credit card.
    Suppose I apply, after how many days i can get credit card.

  31. if i am make fd today,will i apply tomo fpr credit card?

  32. Abhishek singh bijral

    Helo .sir ..im engineering student but im also home tutor .. almost 30k earn pm .. so ..im eligible for cerdit card …plzz reply …

    • Hi Abhishek,

      SBI prefers Salaried Employees for Credit Cards. As you are self employed it is a better idea to get FD in SBI and get a Credit Card against it.

  33. Hello sir
    Can I get a sbi credit card. I’m a state government employee. Net salary 26000/-per month

  34. i am getting 14000 k , can i eligible for sbi credit card????????

    • Hi Prasad,

      Usually SBI accepts applications of applicants whose salary is more than Rs.20,000. You can still try contacting one of the nearest SBI Branch.

  35. Hello Sir
    I am a salaried person.my gross salary is Rs. 37k p.m. I want to take a SBI credit card.I have an account in SBI .but I draw my salary from uco bank…am I eligible to get SBI credit card…

  36. I don’t have the payslips, can I get credit card to with income tax certificate

  37. Sir,
    I am the teacher of private institute and my per month income is more than 20k Can I apply for credit card. Plz sir explain the whole process of this.

  38. Hello sir, i am state government employ net salary 37000 rs,yesturday i went to sbi manakondur and ask for credit card .they told me 40000/ salaried employ we are giving ,its centrel govt rule

  39. Hello,

    I am employed in a private firm and get a salary of 18000. will I get a credit card

  40. I am getting a salary of 18000 in a private firm. Should i get a credit card

  41. What are the requirements to get SBI credit card?

  42. Hi I am Ravel Singh
    My pension is 19k
    Can I get sbi credit card
    On the bases of my pension account?

  43. Sir, i am studied in iit kharagpur. I have a account in sbi bank in iit. Can i get credit card of sbi….

  44. Hi! My salary account is in SBI and my salary is Rs. 48000 per month. I have not taken any loan till date. I had applied online for sbi simply save credit card but it was rejected by SBI. I am not able to understand the reason.

  45. Hello sir my Is miamkshi ..I m govt employe .my slry is 19950 rupees .. I want a Sbi credit crad ..

  46. milan kumar nayak

    Hi sir

    i am a employee in U.A.E. working for more than 3 years and my monthly salary is more than 80,000,
    am i eligible for SBI credit card..

  47. I want to get sbi credit card,i am a govt employee ,my salary is 55k…….my permanent address is alwar , which is not available in online apply form……but my salary account in state Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur at Jodhpur branch ……i want to know how i can get sbi credit card

  48. Hello, I applied SBI card online, status is showing “application approved” after one week executive verified in my house and in my office as well still my application is showing “congratulations your sbi card application is approved”

  49. I would like to apply for IRCTC SBI PLATINUM CARD through fixed deposit, Kindly reply minimum amount for FD to get this card.

  50. Hi sir myself is syed i want to know that I don’t have it Returns I want to apply credit card is possible

  51. Hi sir
    This is burhan
    I am a product seller I want to credit card my monthly income is 18000 and 19000 am eligible for the credit card

  52. Hello,

    my salary is 20 k pm i get salary by cash, not to my account, can i apply credit card, i can submit salary slip, what is the procedure


    HI sir
    I am central government employee my salary 43,000/pm I apllied for SBI CARDS Its replies
    Your aplication was regret since does not meet our policy Next processing please

  54. Hello,

    My salary is 18k pm so can i get a credit card?? but i am paying loan of my sister whose monthly installment is 4100 rs so kindly suggest for the same

  55. Im a student, i wanna a credit card for shoping and purchasing but i have own house so is im eligible or not to getting a credite card, if is im eligible wt I’ll do for the credite card.plz answer me ,my no 8143705704

  56. hiii sir,

    my salary is credited in sbi bank and my salary net is 15000 can i get credit card in any way.

  57. I am salary person INDIAN railway salary credit in sbi , apply credit card online , two time call sbi agent 1st time provide doucument- aadhar card , voter card, service indintity card and 1photo , 2nd time call verification my address and doucment and finaly says you get a card 10 days your address via curriar that means

  58. I am apply sbi simply click card contactless online , one time verification call kolkata, 2nd time call delhi and finally send sms your application under processe give 11 WORKING days after send mail today under process that means, how many time to approved my card

  59. Dear Admin

    Can i obatain a sbi credit card on fixed diposit.
    Kindly tell me the amount. And i am not tax payer or salried emplyee.

    Waiting for your inputs.

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